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Build your own

one of kind model

create yourself personalized collection
Being professionally made by selected professionals.
Well researched and well-defined in theme, careful parts cut and removal of parting lines and ejection pin marks. Meticulous remove of joint edge and seams by sandpaper and filling with putty. Correct and careful use of adhesives with no "squishing and fog".

Precise techniques assembly and priming and make assembly area surgically clean. Various polish and brushing, washes and filters. Hight quality paint and glue. High skilled airbrush spray and hand drawing color apply. Add many authentic detailing. Accurate markings. Real life dirt and weathering with final protection coating.
Only for professional model collector. NOT A TOY FOR CHILDREN
A few special skill and finishing we can do:
  • Battle damage, bullet scratches and shall hole, damaged armor and destroyed scene.
  • Some special additional details: welding finish, foundry looking, add hand-cut putty Zimmerit on WWII Germany Tank.
  • Real mud with water and mixed with putty on tires of tracks, realistic finish of muckiness and dried caked finishing.
  • Oil smudges and dust looking for body.
  • Snow looking is not easy to simulate, not just paint in white, the real tank in winter was painted with water type plaster wich will be washed of after a time, our armor will show both snow withe and the original color of the body.
  • We are good on worn paint, camo scheme edge, we can do best softy blur between two color.
  • Realistic color painting with many layers, bare metal looking after damaged and scratches, also other bare metal finish such as foot step, walkways or handles.
  • Exhaust rusting and flow rusting looking, rust color combined with 3 colors, red, yellow and black. Life rust is hard to simulate, we are good on mix many colors with blur skill with various washes and filters for real life finishing.
A few special skill and finishing we can do:
  • Removing the seams and joint lines, sand and polish to perfect and pre-shading all the panel lines.
  • We can make cable, pipes and antenna by metal wire, coke can or other materials.
  • We do special paint chipping effect that excellent for producing an authentic looking airplane.
  • Change the cocpit looking to realistic, old and worn canopy glass looking, for instrument panel we can make it very detail, color can be added to the each buttons and even we can make it worn and bare looking on switches and buttons.
  • Seat and seat belt remake by PE or resin or other special materials.
  • Chromatic aberration and shade can be added to the fuselage, silver is more hurd to simulate accurately, we are good on sliver color.
  • Cloud dissolves marks on fuselage, you can see some marks made by water and air, we can add special effect like airflow marks of long time flying.
  • Dark streaks and smear to subtle weather marks by airbrush spray marks in the direction. Washing refers to diluting paint to water consistency.
  • Rivets or embossed panel line features, smoke and sootiness effect of engine and machine gun.
  • Nozzle flame effect, color blur form white to black, we can show from high temperature to low temperature.
We build historic ships and modern plastic.
A few special skill and finishing we can do:
  • We can use any materials we can find to build some parts and accessories, like gun, shelter, rigging, handrail, wires, life ring and more.
  • Additional brass etch parts can be added.
  • We can modify and rebuilt structure or even create whole ship without kits.
  • Water and salt marks, rust marks simulating.
  • Chromatic aberration and shade can be added and smoke looking can be done for real-life.
  • We can do both waterline ship and full bottom.

About us
We ship to Worldwide

We pack model well, professional packing. For safety shipping we pack fragile parts and accessories separately.
We can build any model on any size
We can build model upon buyers' request, add customs details and color scheme as buyers' special requirement. We can build model as what you can image.
Not just a plastic model

We also build model by wood, resin fiberglass and more, that anything we can use.
We can add additional details
We can add additional details by resin, cooper wire, paper, coke can, anything we can find we can use. We can combine two or more kits to create a new model. We are good on diorama, especially destroyed scene
We are not just make museum quality model
We build museum collection model by pure hand work. Many of our models can be found in many of the museums, government dept, industry show, private collectors and movie makers.
We are special on color and paint
We are special on color and paint like hand drawing, special camouflage color, snow effects, unique silver, aberration, color difference of worn sliver and white of airplane for real-life looking. We do history research, and we can build model according to history photos.
You have your special model idea?
Contact us +7 996 733-71-74 or send mail to info@d63.ru for your personalized idea, we do for you.
Our clients about us
We are selling scale model here and it does not violate any trademark or copyright and no offensive markings present, it just a historical hobby item that do not contain propaganda and do not promote hate and violence, racial or religious intolerance we will not ship to countries where it prohibited by law.